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Company Profile

Shenzhen Xinyada Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.

     Founded in 2010, Shenzhen Xinyada Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a specialized technology enterprise engaged in air purification system engineering, electromechanical installation engineering design, construction and providing supporting services. The registered capital is RMB 50 million. The service field involves optoelectronic technology and micro. In the high-tech industries such as electronics, semiconductor, bioengineering, medical and health, precision instruments, food industry, cosmetics, sterile operating room, aerospace, science and education, etc., it undertakes auxiliary supporting projects for related peripheral systems. Provide the best quality service for the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of clean plant system engineering that meets the requirements of Federal Standard 209E, International GB50073-2001, GB-50243-2002 and GMP specifications. The company has the ability to design and construct mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering and architectural decoration and decoration engineering. It is a rising star in South China.
     Xin Yada currently has more than 40 full-time employees, 5 professional clean installation teams with long-term cooperation, a sound organizational structure, a harmonious corporate culture, a scientific and rigorous management system, an incentive system to encourage innovation, and an efficient and pragmatic work style. In the process of business development, focusing on the cultivation of talents and the advancement of technology, we must continue to gain value and constantly improve ourselves in practice, in order to truly achieve a win-win situation, in order to ensure the company's continuous development and growth. The company now has a group of experienced professional and technical personnel and a senior high-quality engineering construction team engaged in engineering construction and installation work for more than 15 years. Under the premise of fully satisfying customer requirements, the company operates strictly in accordance with the international ISO9000 quality management system. Dedicated to providing quality engineering and services to our customers, we have established a good reputation among many customers.
 We will rely on a good customer platform, excellent management team and outstanding suppliers to keep our promise, pursue excellence, emphasize results, and continuously improve delivery and customer satisfaction, so that customers, employees, partners and investors Dependence, in order to become the leading enterprise in China's electromechanical installation, decoration and decoration industry brand with the most integrity and delivery capabilities.

   Xin Yada Target & mdash; China Air Purification System Engineering General Contractor, one of the most competitive professional companies.